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Company Information
  Company Name      MEB Co., Ltd.
  Origin of the name      Majestic / Evolution / Believe
  Founded      March 2007
  Members of the Board      Hiroshi Ishikawa President
  Founded      10,000,000.- YEN
  Description of Business       - Network System Design
      - Development and sales of development products
      - Provided by OEM
      - Development of communication equipment
Offices / Access
  Head Office      1-2-12 Unomori, Minamiku, Sagamihara-shi Kanagawa 252-0301 Japan
     TEL:+81-42-712-0299  FAX:+81-42-712-0299
  2nd Office      2-5-13 nakagawacyuuou, tsuzukiku, yokohama-shi Kanagawa 224-0003 Japan
     TEL:+81-45-628-9610  FAX:+81-45-628-9612
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   Technical Intelligence
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Please contact us about our product and the cost of development license.
Question or Inquiry about Products : info@meb.co.jp

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