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Smart Device
Multi-Protocol Edge Computers for IoT
Edge Computing
    - General existing system-management solutions depend on servers now.
     By having the system-management function on the terminal / gateway side, it becomes possible to do real-time control and monitoring

    - The existing systems control the remote-monitoring via servers.
     By simply connecting our "Smart Edge" to the existing system, it becomes possible to grasp any operating status of the sensors on the system,
     and to control in real time.

    - By having primary processing on Edge or Gateway side, it becomes possible to control not only sensors in real time, but also the entire system
     independently and autonomously.
     Moreover, as advantages to a whole infrastructure, it is possible to reduce not only burden on the Cloud side, but also the load on internet
     line dramatically.

    - Whenever it required to change on monitor area, it should incur huge cost and time because of any changes on Cloud server side.
     With implementing our Smart Edge solution, it becomes more flexible and more cheaper because it requires only changes inside the system.

    - Our Smart Edge solution can have the Cloud side concentrating on any big data analysis, and also can have Edge and Gateway focusing
     on detecting any outlier quickly.

    - By implementing the link buffer function to the terminal side, it becomes possible to prevent the entire system from enlarging the database.
     Moreover, the cloud server side can handle large amounts of data safely.

Smart Edge / SD-555E
You Can Choose Any Sensors
  You can choose any commercial sensors for your system.
You Can Choose Any Connection Method
  We can support any existing interface to your system.
No customized PC or Server for Management is Required
  You can manage your system with existing PC.
No Exclusive Application is Required
  You do not need to develop each indivisual customized application
  for Windows, Android and iOS.
No AC Adapter is Required
  By PoE technology, power can be supplied via LAN cable connection.
  ※ PoE:Power Over Ethernet
Size 112.0 mm x 86.0 mm x 27.0 mm
CPU 1.2 GHz / ARM Cortex-A53
GPU 1080 p 60 fps
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
High Profile Decoder
OS Linux
WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Encryption WEP / AES / TKIP
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1, BLE
Ether LAN9514 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX (PoE)
USB USB2.0 × 4
Audio HDMI 1.3 / 1.4
Power consumption 400 mA 2.0 W
Power DC5 V 2 A - AC
Operation Temperature 0 °C to +50 °C
- Use Case -
Smart Edge - Demo System
     Tracking recorder system

     This system records the video data a few minutes anteroposteriorly from
     the starting point.
     It monitors the SOS signal from the beacon terminal unit in real time.
     It receives SOS signal when the button is pushed on the beacon
     terminal unit.
     It also records the SOS signal from a beacon terminal unit each
     10 seconds anteroposteriorly from the starting point.

     * The recording time can be changed on the setting screen.
     Signal light tracking system

     This system monitors a signal light and displays a current status in real time.
     In addition, it displays the history of the signal lights and each ratio.
     When a signal light turns to red, it starts to record each 10 seconds
     anteroposteriorly from the starting point.

     * The recording time can be changed on the setting screen.
     Air quality monitoring system

     This system monitors temperature, humidity, the odor of the area.
     In addition, it monitors the condition of the area with the camera.
     If the air quality was detected as abnormal, LED light flashes on/off
     on a monitor of the specific area, and the detected condition details
     also come up on the screen.
     The beacon terminal unit can manage the information of
     the specific area.
     The LED light start to flash and it is also comes up on the screen when
     the button is pushed on the beacon terminal unit.
     A power supply system for air cleaner

     This system monitors an indoor air quality and displays a state in real time.
     When it detects abnormality, it turn on the power supply of the air cleaner.
     It turns off the power supply of the air cleaner when it detects normalcy.
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