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Smart Device
GPS Tracking Unit
Smart Pointer / SD-333P

Fully-charged in an hour

About 4 months operating time with one charge

The smallest and the thinnest in the world
Achieved very compact size 33 x 33 x 9mm

Water, dust and shock proof
Sturdy for your trust

Notification by sound and screen-display

Specific notification by sound when a monitoring target is out of Bluetooth
connecting range.
* Connecting range should be limited due to any shields such as walls.

Frequent notification of current
location information

Frequent notification about location information by Smart Pointer.
※* Any notification timing can be set flexible.

For watching over all the family
simultaneously, and for watching
over by all the family together

By Smart Pointer, you can watch over all of your family in its app simultaneously.
For example, each parent can watch over all the kids at the same time.

Migration route available at a glance.

Smart Pointer can indicate whole migration route of whole one day
at a glance in its app.
* As backlog, one month data can be recorded and saved.
No Dedicated Server and No Dedicated Network Required
  This unit does not need any dedicated network and server for calculating the positional information,
  and for controlling terminals.
No exclusive content Required
  This unit does not need any dedicated contents for supporting positional information and any
  other addition functions.
No SIM with phone number Required
  This unit supports services with SIM for exclusive use of the data communication.
Two-way communication Available
  This unit allows for mutual communication of information between the smartphone and the unit.
   Smallest and Thinnest
Size 33.0 mm x 33.0 mm x 9 mm
Weight 10.0 g
Battery Lithium-ion Battery. 110 mAh
Battery run time 4 months
Recharge time 1 hour
Protection class IP IP55
Live part USB-C ( USB Type-C )
Data LTE-M / BLE / WiFi
Carrier IIJ (docomo-MVNO)
Operation Temperature -10 °C to +50 °C
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