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Environmental Policy
   Action Guideline
    - We will comply with laws, ordinances and other requirements in our business activities.
    - We will deeply recognize the limitations of resources and energy through the development of
     communication equipment, utilize them efficiently, and actively engage in energy saving and recycling.
    - We will establish an environmental management system, promote prevention activities for
     environmental pollution and implement continuous improvement activities.
    - When promoting activities, we set environmental objectives and targets and aim for effective
     activities. We will also review regularly.
    - We will implement and maintain this policy, notify all employees and improve environmental awareness.
Activity Content
   Environmental Initiatives
    - ECO-CSR Project
      We strive to develop environmentally friendly products, thinking that all products sold contribute to
      the global environment.
      In order to design products with consideration for the environment, we have clarified the
       "environmentally conscious concept".
    - Regional Contribution
      At each of MEB's business sites, we are working on beautification of the environment, including
      cleaning up the surroundings and participating in the garbage collection hosted by local governments.
    - Cool Biz
      At each business office of MEB, we are implementing the "Cool Biz" at room temperature of 28 degrees [Celsius]
      during cooling from 1st May to 31st October each year, aiming at energy saving out of the office.
    - Reconstruction Assistance
      As an earthquake disaster mid- to long-term support, we donate money from our employees and
      use it for reconstruction assistance.
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